5 Soon-to-Be Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

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Training AI to Know What it Does Not Know
The next decade will decide whether it is easier for humans or computers to make a medical diagnosis as more health care companies are turning to AI for precision. One thing Curai works on is how to train a model to know when it doesn't know, so a person can interfere to avoid misidentifying unknown diseases. This technique is known as "in - the-loop physicist".

Reducing Call Center Burden
In 2017, United Health received 36 million calls and 7.6 million calls passed on to a delegate. The solution for the AI platform includes deep learning for a pre-check database and claim queue, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for translating audio into text, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for unsupervised clustering, generating new request variables and automating transfer calls.

Retail Giants making Big AI Investments
Shopping had a large presence at the conference with Wal-Mart Stores, Proctor and Gamble, and Target discussing ways in which they expect to improve the retail experience. Such firms may be taking more precautions to embrace technology and AI in many rivals that have stolen vital turf (i.e. Amazon) after the last decade.

Imagine a shopping experience where the carts are abundant, cashiers are always open, and inventory is stored in full. Instead of focusing on eliminating cashiers, Wal-Mart is focused more on management of inventories. This approach is different from competitor Amazon Go, which is designed to be cashier-less.

AI Could Be the Answer to Restoring Privacy
Privacy has been in the spotlight lately as regulators and consumers of social media start questioning what a fair exchange for a free service is. While the fight is nearing two years after Cambridge Analytica, other companies are building AI recommendation engines so efficient that little knowledge about the person making the choice is needed; their decision is sufficient to determine what to suggest next.

Netflix is a market leader here with its video recommendation engine. Pinterest also uses a sophisticated recommendation engine to surface an individual's best image out of the billions of pictures on Pinterest's website. This is done through the process of query understanding to candidate generation to ranking to blending to the final result. In layman’s terms, this is how a discovery engine narrows down choices from billions to hundreds. 

Prepare to Be Blown Away by AI-Assistants
We'll become hands-free in the next few years and have better posture and fewer car accidents. When AI-assistants are fully developed, our interaction with mobile devices may become the brunt of future generations ' criticism. Several companies are working to own this space, as the lock-in ecosystem and data generated by AI assistants will be incredibly valuable–expect a full-fledged war in this space between Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple.

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