How to sell CBD on Shopify?

The wait has come to an end. Shopify reported that U.S. retailers using its platform will be able to sell hemp-derived CBD and CBD-related products as of Tuesday, September 17, where allowed by state and local law.

Since the industry first started picking up steam, we at JSON Labs have been involved with organizations selling CBD and CBD related products. We have been working with companies that have been selling CBD and CBD-related products since their legalization in October 2018 as a Canadian-based company. The transfer of Shopify to the US would rocket the development of CBD in the ecommerce industry and on the website.

So what does this mean to you? There is no lack of potential, whether you are currently selling CBD and CBD-related products on another ecommerce website or at a retail store, looking to start an ecommerce company in the industry, or already have one and deciding to add CBD-related products to your inventory.

With that in mind, let's look at the lay of the land and how you can cash in on this lucrative industry as a current or future ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Current status Before now, retailers located in the U.S. were unable to sell on Shopify goods produced from hemp CBD or CBD. The landscape is changing now. Shopify merchants are still unable to use Shopify payment gateways, but the ecommerce leader has partnered with, DigiPay, and eMerchant Brokers to provide merchants with seamless payment gateways.

Many limits also exist, but they are largely based on state and local laws. Shopify suggests that you keep up to date with changing FDA guidelines and that you work with an attorney to ensure that you do not break any laws.

The opportunity is growing rapidly in the CBD industry. Chances are it's no longer just your trendy cousin at the Thanksgiving dinner table talking about it.

Everyone from celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Seth Rogan (okay, it's not that surprising) to professional athletes like Rob Gronkowski and Nate Diaz is investing in and promoting items related to CBD and CBD. Forbes estimates that by 2025, the US CBD market will be able to attract as much as $16 billion.

Of course, depending on the success of federal, state, and local laws, the number can fluctuate greatly. But if you look at the past few years, it's safe to predict that this number will actually grow and that the opportunity will be ripe to cash in on this emerging industry.On top of that number, take into account that 1 in 7 American adults use CBD or CBD-related and it's easy to see that the opportunity to cash in on this emerging industry is ripe.

The next steps

New Shopify Merchants

If you have never opened an e-commerce shop, but would like to start selling hemp-derived CBD and CBD-related products on Shopify, the process might seem intimidating. Fortunately, if you choose Shopify, a range of tools and partners (like us!) are available to help you take those first few measures.

Every new merchant in Shopify gets on the platform a free 14-day trial. One of the first choices you'll have to make is to choose the right theme for your store. Shopify themes are models for websites that help you create elegant, eye-catching websites without the experience of coding or web development.

Shopify themes are website templates that help you create beautiful, eye-catching websites without having coding or web development experience. 

Existing Shopify merchants

Are you already using Shopify and want to incorporate CBD and CBD-related products into your store? Selling these products can make sense for a lot of existing stores. If you’re in the health industry, the benefits of CBD are profound. Introducing these products into your catalog can open your store to a whole new target market, while potentially enlightening your current customers.

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