Top 10 In demand programming languages to learn in 2020

In- depth analysis and ranking of the top programming    languages for job seekers and new developers.


    • Average JavaScript Developer Salary per Indeed in the US: $109,462 per annum.
    • Recognized in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, as the most common programming language.
    • Most common GitHub programming language.
    • JavaScript appears to have gone down in popularity as per Google trends data since last year. In January 2019, the language was nearly at peak score with a ranking of 91. We saw a drop in popularity in December 2019 and JavaScript only ranked 62 out of 100.
      • Average US Python Developer Salary per Indeed: $117,503 per annum.
      • Python is one of the leading object-oriented programming languages and the second in the 2019 Stack Overflow developer survey list of the most loved modern programming languages.
      • Also recognized in the StackOverflow Developer Survey as the most sought after programming language.
      • Second programming language that is most active on GitHub.
      • Python's popularity has dropped markedly since early 2019. The language had a 62/100 rating in Google trends as of December 2019, while it had reached a score of 75 in January.
        • Base US salary for Java Developer as per Indeed: $101,929 per annum.
        • Java as one of the most feared programming languages in 2019 happens to be in 10th place.
        • GitHub's third-most popular top programming language.
        • As of January 2019, Java received an 89 out of 100 Google Trends ranking. The figure plunged to 59 in December 2019. The widespread use of Python as an alternative and the intense competition between Python Vs Java could attribute this decrease to this.
          • As per the 2019 survey on StackOverflow, C happens to be the fourth worst programming language.
          • The programming language of C is the 8th most active on GitHub, a position which it has maintained straight for two years.
          • C's popularity reached great heights in 2019, and throughout the year, it maintained a consistently high user interest. In reality, the most common programming language for 2019 is the TIOBE Index award C.


          • Globally, average developer salary Go: $109,483 per annum. For this top programming language the average salary in the US is $136 K per year.
          • In the Stack Overflow developer survey 2019 Go is the third highly paid language globally.
          • The programming language Go is the fourth most active language on GitHub.
          • The popularity of the google search for Go has remained constant in 2019.
            • A Swift (iOS) developer's Global Average Salary is $59k. As per Indeed, the average salary in the US is $125,252 per year for the same position.
            • As per Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, Swift is the 6th most loved programming language.
            • For 2019, Swift was the 10th most active programming language available on GitHub.
            • Swift's popularity in google search peaked in June this year at a score of 100. But it retained a search volume which was otherwise constant throughout the year.
              • Average global salary for development on Ruby: $76k. The average salary for Ruby developers in the US is $123k.
              • Ruby is the sixth most highly paid language globally as per Stack Overflow developer survey 2019.
              • Ruby has maintained the 12th position throughout the year in the list of most active top programming languages in Github.
              • The Ruby programming language maintained its peak popularity between January- April 2019. But it started going down since May and its user interest dropped to 57 by December.
                • On Kotlin average global development salary: $57k. Kotlin developers in the US get an average salary of $125k.
                • Even though Kotlin is not one of the most highly paid languages as of now, its demand is soaring thanks to Google declaring it as the official language for the development of android apps.
                • Kotlin is GitHub's fifteenth most active top programming language, having risen by one rank from last year.
                • Kotlin's success this year has remained largely stable. During the month of May, user interest on this language peak. This might have been due to the I / O 2019 and Google's Kotlin declaration being used as the primary language for the creation of android apps
                  • Average global salary for development on TypeScript: $60k. The average salary for
                  • TypeScript developers in the US is $115k.
                  • TypeScript is the 10th most popular top programming language as per Stack Overflow developer survey.
                  • The Microsoft-nurtured programming language is now the 7th most active on GitHub.
                  • The popularity of TypeScript as per Google search peaked for some time in June, July, October and the entire month of November in 2019. TypeScript has witnessed a remarkable rise in user interest this year
                    • Average global development salary on Scala: $78k. Scala developers in the US get an average salary of $143k.
                    • According to the 2019 Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey, Scala is the highest paid programming language in the US, and the fourth most highly paid programming language worldwide.
                    • The popularity of Scala on GitHub has shrunk in 2019. It has gone from being GitHub's 12th most popular programming language in 2018 to the 17th place in the past year.
                    • The popularity of Scala in the Google search trends peaked in the months of March and August for some time. After November 2019, however, the user interest on Scala started to decline.


                    Programming world is one that continues to change with each year. We've got some top programming languages like Java and JavaScript that have an almost eternal place in those lists. Then there are languages like Kotlin that have grown at an amazing pace, becoming one of the most in-demand programming languages to date.
                    The list gives you an idea of today's 10 most popular programming languages, and maybe inspire developers to learn and businesses to use one of them.


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