Top Machine Learning & Data Science Websites to Follow in 2020

Reddit is a great place for both professionals and amateurs to share information between scientists and ML-engineers of various levels of experience, or just aspiring beginners. You can debate and discuss issues, videos, hot topics, the l achievements and more— Reddit can send you a variety of interesting items. Actually I use these pages with search sorting — I choose the best and most popular topics — most often there are lots of important items.

Absent DataCamp I can't imagine a future in the data science. Why, then? Of course, for complete beginners there is a perfect option, and not just. I find it a great way to do that if you're interested in learning a new language or learning a new part of a new language. Though fantastic, though, they're not enough to make you a data scientist. What I feel their software is missing is an actual project where they give you the problem to solve. To a point, they do so. In my experience, stumbling through some actual projects is the best way to learn the data science.

Supercharge your tech skill set with some of the best online courses from JSON Labs creators. Stop scrubbing through videos. Text-based courses on AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Data Science, Deep Learning and other in-demand skills. 

One of the most needed tools on this list. Possibly there are articles that cover all possible paths, queries, and cases — news, jobs, apps, events, and more — you will find everything out there. So, this is a complete package for lovers of data science. You will get information on what's going fresh in the fields of data science, what courses you need to take, etc. KDnuggets, however, is structured a little differently, focusing on industry news, perspectives and interviews, publicly available databases, and tools for data science.

With Big Data, Block chain, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies (like data science), Datafloq offers knowledge, insights and opportunities to drive innovation. The goal of the site is to become a platform for reading high quality content, finding vendors of big data and technology, connecting with talent, and publishing events. Datafloq also provides trainings online. This blog is not only for data science experts, but also covers security and the Internet of Things sections.
Learning to program is an online mentoring network and I'm pleased with it. Its main focus is to provide tutorials to all amateurs who aspire to learn to code, and this expertise is not redundant for ML and data science. The site provides feedback from senior developers, curated lists of readers and the ability to connect with developers from around the world. Such hot topics include Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby and Python. What I like most about this platform is that the people who work there are sensitive (because our time zones are vastly different)—they're knowledgeable, and they care about clients and mentors.

Distill claims to provide Machine Learning work that is straightforward, dynamic and lively. While not being so famous among scientists, it does provide great stuff. The vast majority of articles there are interesting research and findings— but the most important thing is this— it's all written and edited by top experts working in organizations such as Open AI, Apple and Tesla.

Dataversity Education is a provider of educational content on the use and management of data for enterprise and information technology professionals. Their team provides content to its worldwide community of professionals, experts and developers who profit from conferences held face-to-face, live webinars, white papers, daily news and articles online training, and forums. They also send a weekly free newsletter.

Data Science Central
Maybe Data Science Central is the best independent web-blog on data science. Built for Big Data professionals, the site provides a community experience that includes a robust editorial network, social interaction, forum-based technical support, and the latest in technology, software, and trends, along with an industry job openings classifieds section. In addition, Data Science Central provides webinars and a unique subscription program that gives free access to everything on the internet.

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