150 Programming Questions and Solutions

Be prepared for your next coding interview with this tried-and-true playbook

About this Playbook

It comes from a lot of practitioners and experts - people who have cracked and conducted a lot of interviews well and effectively over years and have a repository of experiences to share. It is stuff that we share from our personal journey, most of which has never been shared before.

It will give you a framework to understand technical interviews better. A framework that you can use for yourself and customize it to your needs.

Self-Paced Learning

Learn from Rockstar Experts

Application Oriented Content

What Will You Learn

Arrays and Strings

Linked List

Stacks and Queues

Trees and Graphs

Bit Manipulation

Maths and Logic Puzzles

Object-Oriented Design

Recursion and Dynamic Programming

System Design and Scalability

Sorting and Searching

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Walk into your next job interview with confidence, knowing you have thoroughly studied this excellent playbook.